Colombian Air Force Acquires AESA Radars for Kfirs
(Source: Forecast International; issued Oct 09, 2017)
BOGOTA -- The Colombian Air Force has purchased new AESA radar systems to upgrade its Kfir fleet. According to reports, Colombia acquired nine ELM-2052 radar systems from Israeli company IAI Elta Systems.

The acquisition is consistent with recent activities of the Colombian Air Force. Bogota has been making incremental upgrades to its air fleet lately, including the acquisition of additional secondhand Kfirs and A-37s.

It is now apparent that the Colombian government will also upgrade aircraft in addition to acquiring new ones. The new capabilities will prevent Colombia's air fleet from becoming obsolete. The AESA radars will also reduce maintenance requirements, since the electronically phased array modules do not have any moving parts.

The ELM-2052 is an upgraded version of the ELM-2032. Although most historical sales went to the ELM-2032, the ELM-2052 will likely gradually take over as more militaries demand AESA technology. Upgrades to older Kfir represent a strong market for the radar system going forward.


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