Pilot Killed After Fighter Jet Crash In Spain
(Source: British Forces News; issued Oct 12, 2017)
A military pilot has died after a fighter jet crashed in south eastern Spain, the country’s Ministry of Defence has said.

According to a spokesperson, the plane was returning from a National Day parade and was among four that had participated in the festivities.

The Eurofighter plane crashed in Llanos de Albacete, a county some 200 miles southeast of the Spanish capital.

The spokesman said the pilot did not have time to jump out of the jet, adding that the causes of the crash are under investigation.

Thousands of people waving Spanish flags lined the pavement of Madrid's Paseo de la Castellana avenue for the military parade.

The celebrations took place amid crisis in Spain over Catalonia's vote for independence in a referendum considered illegal by national authorities.

Spain is waiting for a response to a government request to Catalonia's leader to clarify by Monday if he has already declared independence.


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