Terma Introduces Self-Protection Enhancement Suite for T-50 Light Combat Aircraft
(Source: Terma A/S; issued Oct 17, 2017)
AARHUS, Denmark --- During ADEX 2017, Terma will introduce its concept of bringing the aircraft self-protection capability of the F-16 to the T-50 family of Light Combat Aircraft.

At Terma’s booth (no D21) we will demonstrate to operators of T-50 LCA how a similar concept to that of our F-16 self-protection upgrade can be applied to the T-50 LCA family with the same low impact with respect to aircraft modification which has made the F-16 upgrade so successful for decades.

We present the solution as well as mock-ups of the modified wing weapon pylon (ACE-Pylon) providing the T-50 family of LCA’s with the same capabilities as those provided to the F-16 by the PIDS pylon family, including the high increase in chaff/flare payload capacity.

Highly Experienced Provider

Terma has been involved in retrofitting fighter aircraft with self-protection systems for more than 30 years. Our most famous contribution is probably the F-16 retrofit, where our PIDS pylon-family enhances the aircraft’s chaff/flare payload capacity with up to 300% and optionally provides installation of Missile Approach Warning systems adds inflight automatic threat response, inflight EW training and greatly enhances situational overview.

Today, more than 400 F-16s operated by the US Air Force and the air forces of Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal are equipped with the Terma self-protection upgrade solutions.

More sophisticated self-defense strategies

The consequence of recent time proliferation of 2nd and 3rd generation surface to air weapons is that survivability of aircraft is highly dependent on more and more sophisticated self-defense strategies. This implies the simultaneous use of flares of different spectral characteristics and the use of multiple types of chaff in complex dispense patterns.

Moreover, in the future, air forces will have the option of including new types of payloads such as multi-shot flares and smart active decoys when flying missions. It has become clear that many aircraft have a gap between current chaff/flare payload capacity and the capacity needed to execute sufficient self-defense strategies.

Directional Infrared Counter Measures

On our stand, we will also present our approach to the installation of Direct Infrared Counter Measures (DIRCM) systems on rotary wing as well as fixed wing aircraft. On display is a mock-up of our Universal DIRCM Pod, which provides flexibility with respect to mission capability across aircraft within a specific platform as well as across different aircraft platforms. This provides for the deployment of DIRCM systems on a wider number of platforms economically as well as practically feasible.

The concept includes the integration of whole self-protection suite for fixed as well as rotary wing aircraft such as C-130 Hercules, CH-47 Chinook, UH-60 Blackhawk and more.

3D-Audio and Active Noise Reduction

Finally, on Terma’s stand, you can experience a Virtual Reality demonstration of Terma 3D-Audio and Active Noise Reduction Aircraft Audio Management System, which in popular terms can be described as “surround sound in a headset”. This solution provides for significant reduction of ambient noise, special separation of radios and directional threat cues.

Meet Terma at Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition (ADEX 2017) on 17-22 October 2017 at booth no. D21.


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