Russia to Offer Anti-Torpedo Systems for Export
(Source: TASS-Defense; published Oct 17, 2017)
MOSCOW --- Russia’s manufacturers will offer anti-torpedoes for export. It became known after the Indian Navy had started to prepare the acquisition of 12 anti-torpedo kits and support equipment. New Delhi has already sent a request for information (RfI) to the companies from Russia, the United States and Germany, according to the Izvestia newspaper.

The MPO-Gidropribor Concern did not disclose details, but confirmed that the company was ready to offer anti-torpedo systems of ‘various calibers’ to the Indian side.

"JSC MPO-Gidropribor Concern has the experience of developing and serial manufacturing of hydroacoustic countermeasure and anti-torpedo systems. At present, the Concern is ready to fulfill any order ranging from development to serial manufacturing of anti-torpedo systems of various calibers used by submarines - from 324 mm to 533 mm", Vitaly Sudarchikov, a representative of the MPO-Gidropribor Concern, said.

On August 30, the Indian Navy sent an RfI to the world’s leading manufacturers of anti-torpedo systems. Such systems use decoys to disorientate an enemy’s torpedo or anti-torpedoes. New Delhi does not disclose the preferable type of the system; however, the letter says that it is intended for the integration with all the classes of the IN submarines and should be able to counter both existing and advanced anti-submarines torpedoes.

Russia is believed to be the frontrunner of the forthcoming competition, as the Indian submariners are using the Russian-originated MG-74MEh acoustic decoys, while the Indian Navy`s surface ships are fitted with the Paket-Eh anti-torpedo systems. However, this case may refer to a more sophisticated system, namely anti-torpedoes for submarines.

Vitaly Lunev, an expert, told the Izvestia newspaper that Russia is the only country that has brought anti-torpedoes into service. "The United States and Germany develop and test [anti-torpedoes], and they have yet to put them into operation, while we feature finished systems. After a certain modification Russia’s anti-torpedoes can be fired by French-originated Scorpene-type submarines, as anti-torpedoes are fired through organic torpedo tubes. It is needless to say that a modification of software is required; however, this is quite possible," the expert said.

When it comes to the Indian Navy, only the surface ships of the service are fitted with anti-torpedoes, namely the export-oriented variant of Russia’s unique Paket-Eh complex. It comprises a compact launcher for 324 mm torpedoes, a control system and a hydroacoustic target designation station. The complex detects underwater targets - submarines or torpedoes - and intercepts the latter by the M-15 anti-torpedoes fitted with acoustic seekers.

Active anti-torpedo systems were being developed by Western countries also, namely the SeaSpider by Germany, the Tripwire by the United States and the MU90HK by Italy and France. However, the German developers were reported to have failed the development of the SeaSpider, the Izvestia newspaper points out.


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