A$207 Million for Nulka Upgrade Program
(Source: Australian Department of Defence; issued Nov 03, 2017)
The Turnbull Government will strengthen the Australian Defence Force’s anti-ship missile defence capability with a $207 million boost to the Nulka program.

Nulka is a rocket propelled active missile decoy designed to entice hostile radio frequency guided anti-ship missiles away from a ship.

Nulka has been protecting Australia’s major surface fleet units since its development and this upgrade will ensure the system remains at the cutting edge into the future.

Nulka will continue to be upgraded over the coming decades to keep pace with anti-ship missile technologies and ensure our sailors have the best available protection at sea.

The Nulka program is one of our nation’s largest and most successful defence exports generating approximately $50 million a year in export revenue. The upgrading of the launcher is expected to generate further export opportunities for our Australian defence industry.

Nulka was devised by Defence scientists and developed in Australia by BAE Systems and is a great success story for Defence and Australian Industry working together.

This significant investment will continue Australia’s investment in the program and maintain 72 jobs annually across the country.

The upgraded Nulka system will be installed in all Royal Australian Navy frigates and Hobart class destroyers and introduced for the first time on the Canberra Class Landing Helicopter Docks.

The Turnbull Government’s focus and continued investment in the Australian Defence Industry not only keeps all Australians safe but is creating new advanced manufacturing jobs. We are developing the technology here and we are making it here.

The investment of $207 million to upgrade the Nulka system will occur over the next 20 years.


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