President Donald J. Trump’s State Visit to the Republic of Korea (excerpt)
(Source: The White House; issued Nov 08, 2017)
On November 7-8, President Donald J. Trump made the first state visit to the Republic of Korea by a United States President in 25 years. (…/…)

The two leaders stressed the Alliance had matured over more than six decades into a multi-pillared relationship including security cooperation, economic partnership, people-to-people ties, and global leadership. (…/…)

Defense Measures and Foreign Military Sales:

In response to the North Korea threat, President Trump and President Moon decided to further strengthen the United States-Republic of Korea Alliance defensive posture and capabilities through the acquisition of advanced military equipment and the enhanced deployment of United States strategic military assets in and around the Republic on a rotational basis.

● President Trump and President Moon acknowledged the desire for equitable cost sharing of United States military forces stationed in the Republic of Korea and noted the more than $9 billion contribution from the Republic of Korea to the Camp Humphreys expansion. The two leaders intend to continue to strengthen the Alliance’s combined defense posture and capabilities, including through defense cost-sharing measures in the upcoming Special Measures Agreement discussions.

● President Trump acknowledged the Republic of Korea’s adoption of its Revised Missile Guidelines 2017 to remove payload restrictions on Republic of Korea ballistic missiles to combat the nature of the North Korean threat. President Trump highlighted the successful Alliance deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile defense system.

● President Trump and President Moon reiterated their intent to boost trilateral security cooperation with Japan for enhanced deterrence and defense against North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats. The two leaders committed to continue trilateral exercises on missile warning and anti-submarine warfare, as well as to expand information sharing and to enhance joint response capabilities against the North Korean threat. President Trump and President Moon noted that in an effort to modernize the military, and in part to meet the Alliance’s operational requirements, the Republic of Korea made more than $13 billion in military purchases over the past three years from the United States through the Foreign Military Sales and Direct Commercial Sales systems. (end of excerpt)

● President Moon shared his plan to substantially increase defense spending by 2022, which will help cover the Republic of Korea’s financial commitments made by past administrations to major United States origin programs such as F-35A Joint Strike Fighter, KF-16 Fighter Jets upgrade, Patriot PAC-3 ballistic missile defense upgrade, AH-64E Apache heavy attack helicopter, Global Hawk high-altitude UAV, and AEGIS combat systems. President Trump reaffirmed his support for the Republic of Korea’s acquisition and development of highly advanced military assets, including advanced reconnaissance systems. (end of excerpt)

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