MC-21 Will Collect a Russian Certificate in the Middle of the Year 2019
(Source: Rostec; issued Nov 14, 2017)
Corporate parent Rostec says the MC-21 airliner will win Russian certification in the middle of the 2019, with EASA certification expected to follow in mid-2020. (Rostec photo)
The new passenger aircraft MC-21 will collect a Russian certificate (Type Certificate) in the middle of the year 2019 as mentioned in the presentation of Irkut Corporation.

The MC-21-300 certification test flights schedule has been developed. The planned number of flights is about 1000, the time scheduled for the collection of the certificate of EASA type is the middle of the year 2019, the time scheduled for the collection of the certificate of EASA type (European Aviation Safety Authority) is the middle of the year 2020”, the documents says as reported by TASS.

MC-21-300 is the new generation aircraft with capacity from 163 to 211 passengers aimed at the most large-scale sector of air transportation market. In terms of the flight performance and economically the aircraft excels all existing analogies.

For the first time in the history of the national aeronautical engineering, the aircraft is offered to clients with the two types of engines namely PW1400G by the American company “Pratt & Whitney” and PD-14 by United Engine Corporation (UEC).

“The contract was signed for the supply of 350 foreign engines, however, I do not see any major risks for we have the own engine which is tested on an airborne simulator upon which testing on an aircraft is envisaged. Now all the parties perform their duties, so everything runs to plan, announced to the journalists Rostec Head Sergey Chemezov at Dubai Airshow 2017.

The aircraft MC-21 key systems integrators are Russian companies. The main participants are as follows: the main contractor Irkut Corporation, companies UAC and the State Corporation Rostec, a series of foreign companies.


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