Russia’s Defence Minister Attended Inter-Service Research and Development Conference on Informational Interaction in Russian Defence
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Nov 17, 2017)
The 3rd Inter-service Research and Development Conference on informational interaction in the Russian defence took place in Moscow on November 17.

Russia’s Minister of Defence General of the Army Sergei Shoigu attended the conference.

“It was necessary to consider future development of inter-service cooperation taking into account the latest scientific approaches and its improvement in all subjects of the Russian Federation”, pointed out Sergei Shoigu.

Russia’s Minister of Defence stressed that it was essential to constantly optimize algorithm of cooperation among ministries and departments in the interests of state defence.

The head of military department also pointed out that a great work had been done over the recent years to establish a unified control system, cooperation among all ministries and departments, subjects of the Russian Federation, and enterprises.

A sufficiently reliable control system has been organized in order to implement the State Defence Order.

The Russia's Minister of Defence also informed that due to tuned trans-ministerial cooperation and great teamwork of the National Centre for State Defence Control, roughly 2,000 tons of cargo were delivered to Syria on a daily basis.

“We control both sealift and airlift as well as transportation by road… today, all types of delivery can be performed in any remote area in a short period of time,” said Sergei Shoigu.

According to him, defence potential directly depends on informational interaction among all the government authorities.

“All the integration algorithms have been tested at strategic exercises and trainings. This system has proved to be efficient at more than 1,600 various tasks including CSS for naval and air force grouping in Syria, rearmament program, as well as assistance to regional authorities in emergency relief operations etc.”, pointed out the head of military department.

More than 300 ministries, departments, regional organizations, executive bodies, scientific organizations and industrial and commercial enterprises attended the conference.

The Head of National Centre for State Defence Control Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev also addressed the conference. He said that currently there was cooperation with informational resources of the Minpromtorg, Rosatom and Roscosmos corporations. It helps to exercise full control over the implementation of the State Defence Order.

Mikhail Mizintsev also pointed out that cooperation between Russian Ministry of Defence and Committees for Defence in both houses of the Russian parliament was of paramount importance.

Moreover, the National Centre for State Defence Control cooperates with the Rosaviatsiya, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Federal Security Service and a number of other ministries to successfully secure the use of airspace of the Russian Federation and foreign countries, to ensure customs control at state boarder.

Interaction between Russian ministries has allowed to enhance counter-piracy naval operations.

Jointly with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the National Centre organizes cooperation on defence with other countries. Over the last five years, Russia have signed agreements on military cooperation with 26 foreign states.

According to the Head of the National Centre, it is essential to return Russian children from conflict zones in Syria. In total, 43 children have been returned to the homeland in October and November. He also reminded that in order to preserve UNESCO cultural heritage, the Russian International Mine Action Centre conducts mine clearance operation in Syria.


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