Finnish Navy Trains Core Tasks During the Uusimaa Exercise
(Source: Finnish Navy; issued Nov. 20, 2017)
During the Finnish Defence Forces Main Exercise (Uusimaa 17) the Navy will train its core tasks in cooperation with the Army and the Air Force. The tasks of the Navy are to prevent unauthorized use of the maritime territory and to repel attacks from the sea together with the other services.

The military defence of Finland is an entity formed of the services’ capabilities and cooperation as well as cooperation between authorities. Large national exercises offer excellent opportunities to train cooperation between the services, but also to cooperate and exercise together with other maritime authorities. The main objectives of the Uusimaa 17 exercise are to train the defence of the capital city area and cooperation between authorities.

Around 2,200 persons from the Navy will participate in the Uusimaa 17 exercise. Most of the Navy’s combat vessels and central units from the coastal units will participate in the exercise: minelayers, minehunters, fast attack missile craft, support vessels, coastal units, special forces and anti-ship missile batteries.

During the Uusimaa 17 exercise, the Navy will train and test its core capabilities, such as compiling a recognised maritime picture, laying naval mines, surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, mine countermeasures, surface-based air defence and protecting vital infrastructure. The coastal troops will engage in combat training.

In order to carry out the tasks of the Navy, all its capabilities are employed and coordinated. Together with the battle groups of the coastal units, the naval units formed by squadrons, form the naval capability of the Navy to counter attacks. The naval units prevent attackers from using the maritime territory in deep sea areas and, together with the coastal units, prevent landing in the archipelago as well as on the mainland.

The naval part of the Uusimaa 17 exercise will be carried out from 27 November to 1 December 2017 in deep and shallow water areas at the Gulf of Finland, at the Hanko peninsula and the garrison in Upinniemi.


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