Russia's Latest Radar Aircraft Performs Debut Flight - Designer
(Source: TASS; published Nov 18, 2017)
According to prime contractor Vega, the A-100 prototype tested aerodynamic characteristics, avionics and various elements “of the radio-technical complex" during its Nov. 18 maiden flight. (UAC photo)
MOSCOW --- Russia’s newest A-100 aircraft of radar patrol and targeting made a maiden flight on Saturday, press service of the designer, Vega Radio Engineering Concern (a part of Russian Electronics of the Rostec Corporation), said.

"On November 18, 2017, the multifunctional aviation complex of radar patrol and targeting A-100 made a debut flight," the press service said.

According to the designer, during the first flight "were tested the aerodynamics characteristics, the aircraft’s avionics and elements of the radio-technical complex."

A-100 was created on the basis of Il-76MD-90A, on which the designers installed "a fairing with a unique antenna system and the latest special radar" to quickly build up the radar field at a predetermined operating direction. "Besides, the aviation complex may engage the air and other targets, as well as guide fighter and attack aircraft to hit air, ground and naval objectives," the designers said.

A-100 will replace A-50 and A-50U aircraft. TASS reported earlier, the new aircraft would be delivered to the Aerospace Force from 2020.


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