HMS Queen Elizabeth Arrives Home After "Successful Sea Trials"
(Source: British Forces News; issued Nov 21, 2017)
British Ministry of Defence officials have told MPs they now expect to pay £9.1 billion for the first 48 Lockheed F-35B fighters that will operate from the two new aircraft carriers -- or about £189.6 million each. (RN photo)
The Royal Navy’s biggest ever warship, HMS Queen Elizabeth, has arrived back home after "successful sea trials". She passed Portsmouth's Round Tower just after 1330.

Plans had been in place but the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, which is currently in charge of HMS Queen Elizabeth, had been concerned about the weather.

They said: “We’re looking forward to bringing HMS Queen Elizabeth back into Portsmouth after her successful sea trials.

“This second phase of sea trials has primarily tested the ship’s Mission Systems, which include the ship’s radar and communications systems.

“Additionally, we have conducted air flow pattern tests, which demonstrate how air across the flight deck will affect aircraft taking off and landing.

A number of factors will determine exactly when we will return alongside, including the weather conditions in Portsmouth.”

This is HMS Queen Elizabeth’s second time entering her home port.

The £3.1bn, 280m ship visited the port in August and was greeted with delight by thousands of spectators who lined the city’s harbour.

The HMS Queen Elizabeth is due to be formally commissioned into the navy on December 7th in a ceremony attended by the Queen.

She will then undergo further trials of the F-35B Lightning II stealth jet next year, the aircraft that she will be carrying, off the coast of America.


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