HMS Diamond Aborts Gulf Mission After Breaking Down (excerpt)
(Source: The Times; published Nov 23, 2017)
By Deborah Haynes
The Royal Navy Type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond, seen here leaving Portsmouth, has had to abort a nine-month deployment and sail home after suffering a severe engine breakdown which cannot be fixed at sea. (RN photo)
One of Britain’s most advanced warships has aborted a mission to the Gulf and is heading home after breaking down, The Times can reveal.

HMS Diamond, a £1 billion Type 45 destroyer, had problems with a propeller that could not be fixed at sea despite the efforts of sailors on board.

It is the latest debacle to beset the Royal Navy’s fleet of six destroyers, built by BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce, which started entering service eight years ago.

The other five warships are in Portsmouth because of routine maintenance, a shortage of sailors and problems with the engine, which struggles in warm water.

There is not thought to be any other ship, including among a fleet of 13 Type 23 frigates, that is ready to sail to replace HMS Diamond, which had been two months into a nine-month deployment. This means that Britain will be unable to perform a long-running commitment to provide reassurance to allies in the Gulf region. (end of excerpt)

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