German CEO: Submarine Deal with Israel Only Going Ahead If “Clean” (Excerpt)
(Source: Times of Israel; posted Nov 23, 2017)
The CEO of the German ThyssenKrupp manufacturer said Thursday that an agreement to supply Israel with submarines will only go ahead if investigators establish there was no high-level corruption in the multi-billion-shekel deal.

According to Channel 10, Heinrich Hiesinger confirmed that the deal between the German and Israeli governments was conditioned on the agreement having been “completely clean.”

The purchase of the Dolphin-class submarines, costing a total of 2 billion euros, has been mired in controversy since it came to light that a close ally of Netanyahu was representing the German company that manufactures them. A probe led to an ever-expanding investigation that has seen several senior officials arrested and questioned by police.

The TV report also cited unnamed German sources as saying the deal was still “in limbo” as the investigation went ahead, despite an official memorandum of understanding inked between Berlin and Jerusalem. (end of excerpt)

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