Technodinamika Tests New Parachute for Ultra-Low Heights
(Source: Rostec; issued Nov 23, 2017)
Technodinamika is testing a new Shturm parachute for ultra-low heights. As expected, the tests will be completed in the first half of 2018.

According to the General Director of the Technodinamika holding company Igor Nasenkov, the new parachute allows to drop paratroopers from a height of 80 metres. "And as soon as you have landed, it takes only a second to detach the canopy and go on your battle mission", added the head of the holding company.

The Shturm parachute is being developed by the research institute NII Parachute, a member of the Technodinamika holding company. According to the General Director of the institute Dmitry Tretyakov, the development has commenced in a proactive manner. "We think that this new development will be in demand for dropping paratroopers on site after a weaponry attack. The enemy will be demoralised, and the paratroopers must be dropped as soon as possible, while the enemy has not recovered senses", said he.

JSC NII Parachute is the only Russian master developer of parachute systems of all types and one of the few enterprises in the entire world that independently carries out the full sequence of parachute systems development and manufacturing.

As was noted before, airborne forces will receive 10 thousand sets of D-10 developed by NII by the end of the year. The new parachutes will replace the obsolete systems that were used before.


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