Classified Pentagon Program Data Mistakenly Leaked Online: Report
(Source: Xinhuanet; issued Nov 29, 2017)
WASHINGTON --- Classified data on a joint program run by the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command was mistakenly leaked online, according to researchers at U.S. cybersecurity firm Upguard who discovered the data.

The data was stored on an Amazon Web Services cloud storage bucket without a password, allowing anyone on the internet with knowledge of the URL to access its contents, said a report by The Hill news network on Tuesday.

The bucket reportedly held dozens of viewable files, including a downloadable virtual hard drive used for secure communications within the federal government. When opened, the file revealed data labeled with the classification "NOFORN," meaning the information cannot be shared with foreign government allies.

Upguard security expert Chris Vickery notified the Pentagon of the data exposure in late September and was informed on Oct. 10 that the exposed data was secured, said the report.

The owner of the storage bucket, however, remains unknown.

The U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command is a military intelligence and information operations unit jointly run by the U.S. Army and the National Security Agency (NSA).


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