Qatar Agrees to Terms for Buying Typhoon, Hawk Aircraft from UK (excerpt)
(Source: Defense News; posted Nov 29, 2017)
By Andrew Chuter
Qatar has agreed the terms of the planned purchase of 24 Eurofighter Typhoons and six Hawk jet trainers, a senior BAE Systems official told the House of Commons Defence Committee, and the contract signature is imminent. (RAF photo)
LONDON --- Negotiations between the U.K. and Qatar for the purchase of Typhoon fighters and Hawk jet trainers by the Gulf state are complete, and the two sides are now looking for a suitable date to sign the deal, according to a senior BAE Systems official.

“I would not like to speculate on the exact date it will be signed. ... We have concluded all of our discussions, we have no more negotiations to do with the Qataris, the contract is done. It’s purely down to when there is the right window to have it signed,” Chris Boardman, the managing director of BAE Systems’ military air and information business, told the British Parliament’s Defence Select Committee on Tuesday.

Boardman urged the British government to provide clarity on its vision for combat air requirements in a post-Typhoon era.

On Sept. 17 in the Qatari capital of Doha, then-British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon announced he had signed a statement of intent on the proposed purchase with his counterpart, Khalid Bin Mohammed Al-Attiyah.

In what must be some kind of record, the two sides have gone from signing a statement of intent to concluding negotiations in little more than six weeks for the supply of 24 Eurofighter Typhoons and six BAE Hawks to the Gulf state. (end of excerpt)

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