More Than 100 Vehicles Delivered to Russian Formation in Abkhazia Over Recent Years
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Nov 29, 2017)
Over the recent three years, the Russian troops in Abkhazia have received more than 100 pieces of military hardware in course of rearmament program.

These included the T-72B3 tanks, BTR-82AM armored personal carrier, Argus mobile reconnaissance posts and Leer-2 EW automated systems based on the Tiger ATV.

In order to make the vehicles more comfortable, they have been equipped with advanced air conditioning systems, which also optimize the operating conditions of electronic devices and systems.

A proportion of modern samples of military hardware in the formation exceeds 80%.

The hardware received by the troops is constantly operated by servicemen during trainings and exercises. The modern hardware has a positive impact on cooperation among units in course of combat training.


In 2017, Eastern MD Troops Receive Over 1,000 Military Vehicles and Weapons
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Nov 29, 2017)
According to the Commander of the Eastern military district Colonel General Alexander Zhuralyov, units and formations of the district have received over 1,000 pieces of modern and advanced armament, military and special hardware.

In particular, a missile formation located in the Zabaikalsky Krai has been rearmed with the Iskander-M tactical missile system.

The Pacific Fleet forces have received corvette Sovershenny, the Bastion coastal missile systems, and S-400 Triumph air defence missile systems.

Air Defence and Air Force army of the district has received Su-34 bombers and MiG-31BM fighters as well as Ka-52, Mi-8AMTSh, and Mi-26 helicopters.


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