Tokyo to Conclude X-2 Programme In March 2018
(Source:; posted Nov 29, 2017)
By Greg Waldron
SINGAPORE --- Japan's Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency (ATLA) is approaching the end of testing with the Mitsubishi X-2 technology demonstrator aircraft.

The twin-engined fighter has completed 34 sorties, says Hirofumi Doi, manager of Japan's Future Fighter Program at ATLA. The first two flights were conducted by Mitsubishi, the subsequent 32 by ATLA at Gifu air base. The aircraft's maiden flight occurred on 22 April 2016.

ATLA's original plans called for 50 flights. Doi declined to specify how many more flights would occur, but says that the X-2 demonstration project will be concluded in March 2018. What happens to the aircraft after this has not been determined. The aircraft was previously designated ATD-X.

"The necessary data has been acquired to evaluate the demonstrated technologies' maturities," says Doi. "The technological skills of F-2 experienced engineers have been transferred to the younger generation successfully." (end of excerpt)

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