Purchase of HMS Ocean 'Authorised by Brazilian Government'
(Source: British Forces News; issued Dec 06, 2017)
Brazil's Ministry of Defence has confirmed that it has authorised the potential purchase of HMS Ocean by the country's navy, according to reports.

The South American nation is said to have become interested after deciding not to conduct an expensive upgrade of one of its own ageing carriers.

The Royal Navy said that HMS Ocean, a landing platform helicopter (LPH), could be up for sale once decommissioned in March 2018.

However, Janes Defence Weekly reports that before any sale she would have to be inspected by Brazilian Navy officers and authorisation from the US government would also be sought, as the ship has some US-build components.

It's understood that the Brazilian Navy kicked off the purchasing process earlier this year, with HMS Ocean likely to be overhauled in 2019 and operational by 2020 following any sale.

Ocean visited Brazil in 2010 and worked with the country's marines during a diplomatic mission to South America.

The Ministry of Defence told Forces News: "HMS Ocean is currently being marketed and a number of disposal options are being considered, including the possibility of selling to another government; discussions with the Government of Brazil are ongoing but no decisions have been made."

HMS Ocean

HMS Ocean has served the Royal Navy for 20 years but is to be replaced as flagship by HMS Albion.

A dedicated helicopter carrier and amphibious assault ship, HMS Ocean was designed to deliver troops to battle and saw service in Iraq and Libya during her time in service.

The Key Stats:
-- Weight: 22,000 tonnes
-- Top Speed: 18 knots
-- Length: 203 x 35 metres
-- Crew: 285 + 180 Fleet Air Arm/RAF personnel + up to 830 Royal Marines
-- Carries: 18 rotary wing aircraft - including Wildcat, Merlin, Chinook and Apache attack helicopters.


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