‘Destroyers’ Engine Woes Will Be Fixed for Carrier’s First Mission’ (excerpt)
(Source: The Portsmouth News; posted Dec 10, 2017)
By Tom Cotterill
Engine woes plaguing the Royal Navy’s £6bn destroyer fleet will be fixed before Britain’s new aircraft carrier comes into service, a top naval officer has said.

Commodore Andrew Betton is confident problems with the propulsion system of the Type 45 fleet will be history by the time HMS Queen Elizabeth takes on her first mission in 2021. The £1bn-a-piece air defence destroyers will form a ‘critical part’ of the nation’s new carrier strike battlegroup.

Made up of frigates, destroyers, submarines and a host of aircraft, the group will operate alongside the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers. Cdre Betton – who is in charge of the carrier strike team – said there is no need to worry about the abilities of the destroyers, which have previously broken down while on deployment. (end of excerpt)

Click here for the full story, on the Portsmouth News website.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Type 45s have been dogged by technical problems since they entered service. All six were tied up in Portsmouth last week after HMS Diamond returned from the Middle East, although not all because of engine problems.
Budget cuts and spare part cannibalization have also contributed to reducing Type 45 operations.)


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