The Defence Forces Order Domestic Protected Multipurpose Vehicles
(Source: Finland Ministry of Defense; issued Dec 14, 2017)
On the basis of the proposal by the Finnish Defence Forces' Logistics Command, the Defence Forces have received a mandate, on 12.12.2017, from Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö to order Protected Multipurpose Vehicles (PMPV) ‘MiSu’ from Protolab Oy for test use. The vehicles have mine blast durable construction and ballistic protection.

The test series consists of four PMPV 6x6 vehicles which will be tested by the Defence Forces in field conditions in 2018-2020. This will provide valuable information on the performance and usability of the multipurpose vehicle for the future use of the Defence Forces.

The procurement?s total value, including VAT, is about EUR 4 million with a domestic employment effect of 40 man-years. It is a part of the development programme in national defence to improve troops? mobility.


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