UOP Kyiv Armored Plant Fulfilled the State Defence Order: 50+ BTR-3DA Transferred to the Army
(Source: UkrOboronProm; issued Dec 27, 2017)
Ukrainian BTR-3Das are equipped with Sturm-M turret with a 30-mm automatic gun ZTM-1 with firing rate 330 rounds per minute, a 7.62-mm machine gun and automatic grenade launcher, and two “Barrier” anti-tank missiles. (UOP photo)
The State Enterprise "Kyiv Armored Plant", which is part of the State Concern "UkrOboronProm", fully complied with the State Defense Order 2017, having transferred 50+ new BTR-3As, repaired T-72, as well as other armored vehicles, to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and other law enforcement agencies.

Almost every week a new BTR-3DA left the plant workshop and – having passed all factory and acceptance tests – increased the defense capability of Ukrainian Army.

In general, 100+ units of new, modernized and restored units of armored vehicles left the workshops of the "Kyiv Armored Plant" in 2017.

This pace of work was achieved due to a new modern assembly and welding industry arrangement. This allowed the plant to fundamentally increase the pace of production, reduce costs and lay the foundation for a new technological potential of the enterprise.

BTR-3DA is equipped with a combat module "Sturm-M" with a 30-mm automatic gun ZTM-1 with firing rate 330 rounds per minute. The use of the modern digital complex with a laser range finder, as well as a gun stabilizer, it is possible to achieve high precision and angularity of fire in all modes.

In addition, the combat module "Sturm-M" is equipped with a 7.62-mm machine gun and automatic grenade launcher, as well as a complex of guided weapons "Barrier", which provides armor not less than 800 mm, not taking into account dynamic protection, at the distance of up to 5 km . This allows the BTR-3DA crew to destroy any armored equipment of the enemy.

During the year, Kiev Armored Plant completed restoration of the main T-72AB military tanks – equipped with a dynamic protection "Contact" – located as in T-64BV model. This dynamic protection arrangement has a significantly higher efficiency compared to the standard T-72.

In 2017, Kyiv Armored Plant specialists had already performed repair works directly in the ATO zone: in field conditions the armored vehicles – damaged in battles – were restored. During this year, plant mobile repair teams repaired about fifty units of the military equipment and received diplomas and thanks from the military.


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