Establishment of Engine Depot for F-35
(Source: Norway Ministry of Defence; issued Dec 22, 2018)
(Issued in Norwegian only; unofficial translation by
AIM Norway decided on December 21, 2017 to establish an engine maintenance depot for the F-35 at Rygge. Norwegian authorities have constantly supported AIM Norway to be responsible for engine maintenance, and in 2014 Norway was appointed to establish an engine depot capability in Europe, together with Turkey and the Netherlands.

The F-35 aircraft is developed with a logistics and maintenance concept that is completely different from today's F-16 aircraft. The maintenance concept has been established to provide the most cost-effective solution for the partner countries' operation of its F-35s, and to provide higher accessibility to the aircraft, thus increasing the operational ability of the Armed Forces in peace, crisis and war.

The Air Force is responsible for the daily maintenance of the F-35. The heavier maintenance of the aircraft is ensured through a global solution where the industry establishes regional workshops for fuselages, engines and components. Norway joined the partnership's two-part maintenance concept, cf. the Storting's handling of Prop. 73 S (2011-2012).

"It is very pleasing that the board of AIM Norway has made a decision to establish a motor depot for F-35 at Rygge. Establishment is a new important milestone for the company and for the aeronautical environment in Norway. Support of military air systems is one of the priority areas for cooperation between Defense and the defense industry in the national defense industrial strategy, "said Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen.

The fact that Norway was appointed to establish the Engine Depot is a recognition of the trust US authorities have for Norway and AIM Norway to provide this service to the partnership. Norwegian authorities are actively working for Norwegian industry to receive maintenance assignments related to F-35.

Several companies have received assignments related to F-35 production, and a number of Norwegian companies are also actively competing for maintenance assignments.

Following a competition in 2014, AIM Norway was chosen by the US authorities to establish one of three engine depots in Europe for maintenance of the F-135 engine. The company plans to set up the motor depot in 2020/21.

AIM Norway is represented by 440 employees, divided in 22 different production units, organized in the areas of aircraft maintenance, powerplant maintenance, maintenance of electronic components and mechanical processes.

AIM Norway was founded as a state-owned enterprise 15th of December 2011, 100% owned by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Previously, the company has been recognized as part of the Norwegian military’s logistics organisation, NDLO. AIM Norway has its roots all the way back to 1916.

AIM Norway is located at Kjeller, just outside Oslo, at one of the world’s oldest operational air bases. In addition, AIM Norway has an operational unit at the military air base at Rygge, south of Oslo.


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