“Secrecy Is An Inseparable Part of Our Work”
(Source: Israeli Air Force; issued Jan 04, 2018)
About 20 Electronic Warfare Operators completed the division’s four-month-training period last week, and officially joined the ranks of the IAF’s Electronic Warfare and Cyber Division. This division’s activity is classified and clandestine, but its capabilities and performance have a direct impact on the battlefield and the IDF’s capability to succeed in every campaign and theatre.

“There is no doubt that the division significantly empowers the IAF in emergency and routine”, said Maj. H’, Commander of the Electronic Warfare and Cyber Academy, to the graduates. “It is important to understand that our operational activity will never be in the spotlight, and that secrecy is an inherent part of our mission. We are currently participating in clandestine missions day and night, most of which the public will not hear about. You should be proud to have received the opportunity to operate these advanced operational systems”.

Worthy of Joining the Division

The IAF’s Electronic Warfare Division includes ground and aerial units, which are responsible for disrupting enemy signals in order to protect IAF aircraft flying in threatened territory. Throughout the four-month training period, which was led by the “Celestial Crow” Unit’s Electronic Warfare and Cyber Academy in Tel-Nof AFB, the new operators studied the foundations of the division’s capabilities and acquired the necessary skills for their service.

“Course 171 can be summed up in two words: professionalism and innovation”, said Lt. G’, Commander of the Training Center in the Electronic Warfare and Cyber Academy. “We emphasized professionalism – expanding the foundations stage from five to six weeks, adding many classes and practical skills. The course has been adjusted to the changing theatres, we utilized new training systems, and changed the way we evaluate cadets”.

“Throughout the various stages of the course you proved that you are worthy to join this division”, added Maj. H’. “You studied the foundations, became acquainted with the capabilities and acquired the basic skills you need. You now take the knowledge you acquired to your operational units, where you will expand and deepen your education and will quickly become certified to become part of the division’s operational core”.


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