Czech C295M Buy A 'Flawed Procurement', Court Told (excerpt)
(Source: Jane's Defence Weekly; posted Jan 04, 2018)
By Jiri Kominek
Crown witness and Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) pilot Karel Danhel has testified before a Czech court that the selection of the EADS CASA (now Airbus Defence and Space) C295M tactical transport aircraft by the Czech Ministry of Defence (MoD) in 2009 was a flawed procurement.

Danhel testified in Czech court on 19 December on behalf of prosecutors who have charged former defence minister Vlasta Parkanova and former MoD procurement section director Jiri Stanek with criminal negligence over the CZK3.5 billion (USD165 million) procurement of four C295Ms tactical transport aircraft for the ACR in 2009.

Prosecutors launched criminal proceedings against Parkanova and Stanek for their signing of the C295M contract, which has allegedly cost Czech taxpayers CZK819 million in cost overruns and hidden procurement fees.

“The CASA [C295] failed to meet key criteria concerning operational range and payload requirements. In terms of fuel consumption and operating costs, it ranked first. If you were to fly the aircraft without payload or to Brussels and back it would be fine,” Danhel testified on 19 December. He said the aircraft’s performance was “one-third lower” than that of the Alenia C-27J Spartan, which led in the MoD procurement process. (end of excerpt)

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