Acquisition Process Launched for Two Frigates from France
(Source: Kathimerini; published Jan 12, 2018)
By Vasilis Nedos
A request for the opening of talks to acquire two FREMM frigates is expected to be sent by the Greek government to Paris within the next month. Contacts between Greece and France will begin initially at a military level, starting in February, when the relevant document by the Greek government is expected to have reached Paris.

Well-informed sources reported that this move comes after a verbal agreement between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and French President Emmanuel Macron during his last visit to Athens last September.

The original goal of Athens is to reach agreement on two FREMM multi-role frigates and the most optimistic think that they could possibly be expanded by two more ships, for a total four. However, due to the relatively high unit cost (EUR 500-600 million per frigate), the same sources reported that Athens is prepared to discuss the alternative supply of French Gowind-type Corvettes.

These corvettes are a much more cost-effective solution. In any case, FREMM's specifications are FREMM, as frigates with enhanced anti-aircraft capabilities and, above all, a presence in the Eastern Mediterranean, which is becoming increasingly important for Greece as well as the area of cooperation with Cyprus Democracy and Israel. It is noted that the supply of modern frigates is judged by GHMEA and GEN as an absolute priority, on the one hand due to the aging of the existing fleet and on the other hand due to the growing increase in Greece's need for the open sea.

Boat supply

In February, the supply of high-speed Mark-V (25 meters) boats, the release of which has already been approved by the US Congress, is likely to go ahead, and the Letter of Acceptance has been sent.

A delegation of Greek officers will be in the United States in February to inspect the concrete boats that will be used for the transport of the frogs' This commission follows the recent agreement with the US to acquire 70 KiWa-Warrior OH-58D helicopters, which was finally approved by the KYSEA and is expected to be a serious upgrade of the Army Air Force Army.

Early arrivals of helicopters will start in 2018 and their initial operational capacity is expected to have been achieved by 2019. The head of the Allied Air Force, Stephanie is the fastest possible integration into the structures of the Army Air Force with their dispersion in the Aegean islands. Of the 70 helicopters, 36 will arrive in Greece with their full equipment. The rest will be used for training and spare parts.


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