Defense Ministry Boosts Intelligent Surveillance Cameras for Military
(Source: The Korea Times; issued Jan 17, 2018)
The South Korean military will have intelligent surveillance cameras with more stringent technological support than ever after the nation's defense ministry scouted the leading online network agency to vet the equipment.

Intelligent surveillance cameras are equipped with software that can pinpoint any abnormal movement in real time and track a target's possible routes. They are expected to boost the military's defense capabilities as they can help detect an enemy force's infiltration.

Certifying the equipment's technological quality has become the job of the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA), according to the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) on Tuesday. The administration said the agency, under the Ministry of Science and ICT, will vet the equipment more effectively and allow the military to employ the system more promptly and efficiently.

DAPA minister Jeon Jei-guk said that with KISA, the South Korean military will have a state-of-the-art surveillance system. "The system will empower our unmanned defense and surveillance system in case of decreasing manpower in our force," Jeon said.


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