Embraer Reaches 2017 Delivery Outlook
(Source: Embraer; issued Jan 16, 2018)
SAO JOSE DOS CAMPOS, Brazil --- Embraer delivered a total of 210 jets in 2017, of which 101 were commercial aircraft and 109 were executive jets (72 light and 37 large).

The deliveries were within the outlook ranges for the year of 97 to 102 commercial jets, 70 to 80 light business jets and 35 to 45 large business jets. In the last quarter of 2017, Embraer delivered 23 commercial jets and 50 executive jets (32 light and 18 large).

As of December 31, the firm order backlog totaled USD 18.3 billion.

Click here for the full statement (2 PDF pages, with tables) on the Embraer website.


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