Minister Considers Calls to Soften Arms Export Rules (excerpt)
(Source: Swissinfo; posted Feb 3, 2018)
Swiss Economic Affairs Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann says his ministry will take up requests from the arms industry to soften rules on weapons exports, according to Swiss public television SRF.

The industry wants longer export licences plus a lifting of the current ban on exporting to countries involved in internal armed conflict.

It complains that tough licensing rules put it at a disadvantage compared with European competitors, that arms exports have fallen, and that jobs are at risk.

Last autumn, the industry put its concerns before the Security Policy Commission of the Senate.

Josef Dittli, president of this commission, confirmed that it had this week heard the three ministries involved – economic, defence and external affairs – and that "based on the discussions we had with the political leaders of the three departments, we found that they were prepared to act to initiate an amendment of the regulations”. (end of excerpt)

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