Delivery of US-Manufactured Tactical Vehicles Will Boost the Mobility of Latvian Armed Forces
(Source: Latvia Ministry of Defence; issued Feb 06, 2018)
62 Polaris Government & Defense military tactical vehicles will be delivered to Latvian army in scope of Foreign Military Financing programme of the U.S. government.

Latvia will provide the co-financing of approximately 20% from the national budget to acquire Polaris’ MRZR-2, MRZR - 4, MV850 vehicles and several other vehicles with mobile surveillance systems.

It is expected that the first Polaris-manufactured vehicles will arrive in Latvia this May, while the remaining vehicles will reach Latvia by next year’s second quarter.

Delivery of Polaris tactical vehicles will promote the tactical mobility of Latvian Armed Forces. New vehicles will be used by regular forces of Latvian army and the National Guard.

Polaris Government & Defense is one of the largest manufacturers of light tactical off-road vehicles. Vehicles built by Polaris are driven by the armed forces of such countries as the United States and Finland. Polaris vehicles have been extensively used by NATO troops during mission in Afghanistan. Last year armed forces of Portugal and Spain also signed contracts for delivery of Polaris vehicles.

The United States began supporting Latvia through various military assistance programmes more than two decades ago. United States help Latvian armed forces by supplying equipment crucial for upgrading its capabilities, including communication systems, night vision equipment and vehicles.


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