The Armed Forces and FMV Are Tasked with Implementing Reorganization In the Field of Materials and Logistics
(Source: Swedish Armed Forces; issued Feb 8, 2018)
(Issued in Swedish; unofficial translation by
On 8 February, the Government commissioned the Armed Forces and the Defense Material Workshop (FMV) to carry out the reorganization of data in the material and logistics supply that the government has taken into account in the budget proposal for 2018. The new organization will enter into force on January 1, 2019.

In the 2018 budget bill, the government stated that material and logistics provision should be a means of supporting war relations in the building of operational capacity and enabling war relations to perform their tasks peacefully and at high levels of preparedness. The material and logistics supply to the Armed Forces must therefore be based on the government's operational requirements for the Armed Forces war organization. The tasks given today regarding a reorganization of the Armed Forces and FMV are part of achieving this.

In 2012, for reasons of rationalization, a restructuring of logistics operations in the Armed Forces was initiated, where large parts of the logistics resources were transferred to the Swedish Defense Materielverk (FMV). Following the Defense Policy Enlargement Bill, in June 2015, the government adjusted the goal of the conversion of the defense logistics to instead support the goal of increasing the capacity of the war gangs.

The government also gave a special investigator the task of carrying out a review of the total material and logistics supply to the Armed Forces in terms of organization, accountability and financial governance. In December 2016, the investigator submitted his report on Logistics for Higher Defense Preparedness (SOU 2016: 88).

In the Budget Bill for 2018, the government essentially shared what the investigation proposed. The Riksdag has given the government mandate to implement the announced organizational change.

The government is returning to the issue of responsibility for the maintenance of the Armed Forces' stock.


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