M-346 Takes to the Air
(Source: Polish Air Force; issued Feb 16, 2018)
(Issued in Polish; unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
At the Polish air force’s 4th Aviation School Wing, based at Déblin, training flights have begun using the Leonardo M-346 Advanced Jet Trainer, whose first flight in Polish colors took place in early February. (Polish AF photo)
The first flight of the Polish M-346 training aircraft took place on February 16 this year at Air Force Base 41 with Polish air force Pilot Captain. Miroslaw Kopeć at the controls, accompanied by an Italian pilot.

During the flight, emergency procedures were practiced, among others landing approach with one engine out and with open and closed flaps.

The first flights of the M-346s with red and white checker markings will be made by instructors; they will include refreshing skills that pilots acquired during training in Italy as well as additional training to improve and implement training solutions.

In addition to 8 training aircraft, the Integrated Advanced Training System Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT) also includes a logistics package with equipment and tools for ground-based aircraft servicing, spare parts and consumables, technical support, IT support as well as full technical documentation.

The system includes comprehensive flight simulators (FMS and FTD), an ejection simulator and emergency procedures trainer (EPT), a computer-aided training system and a comprehensive training package, as well as a related logistics package.

The AJT with the M-346 is one of the most advanced training systems for fast jet pilots that is currently available. By introducing this training system into its inventory, the Polish Air Force will gain independence in the matter of training combat pilots. The implementation of the advanced training system will allow to reduce the number of flights on F-16 aircraft, which in turn will shorten the time of preparing pilots.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Polish government is negotiating the purchase of eight additional M-346 Master jet trainers with Italy’s Leonardo.)


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