India MoD Updates Blacklist of Debarred Defense Contractors
(Source: Indian Ministry of Defence; issued Feb. 19, 2018)
PARIS --- The Indian Ministry of Defence has updated its list of defense contractors thar are prohibited from doing business with the government. The list includes four foreign and two Indian companies that are “debarred,” another 14 which are “suspended” and four that are “restricted,” according to the latest vigilance circular issued on Monday.

The six blacklisted companies are Singapore Technologies Kinetics (STK) and Israel Military Industries (IMI), Rheinmetall Air Defence (Zurich), Corporation Defence (Russia), T S Kisan & Co (New Delhi) and R K Machine Tools (Ludhiana). No business dealings are allowed with these six firms till 2022.

The three main “suspended” companies are Denel (South Africa), Leonardo SpA (ex-Finmeccanica), UK-based AgustaWestland International, as well as 11 smaller companies based in India, Tunisia and Mauritius.

Engine manufacturer Rolls Royce, Tatra truck manufacturer (Czech Republic) and Israeli firms Rafael and Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) are the four companies with whom “restricted procurements” are allowed on the basis of operational urgency, national security and non-availability of other alternatives. All these four firms have several on-going projects in India.

Click here for the blacklist circular (18 PDF pages) on the India MoD website.


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