Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering's Barys 8x8 APC (local version of Mbombe) Undergoing Winter Testing
(Source: Kazakhstan Ministry of Industry; issued Feb 22, 2018)
(Issued in Kazakh; unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
The Barys 8x8 armored personnel carrier is a variant of Paramount’s Mbombe APC, and will be locally produced under licence by Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering. (Paramount photo)
The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan and xhave begun evaluation of the BARYS experimental 8x8 armored personnel carrier (BTR) under extreme climatic conditions. The program is based on the needs of the armed forces, and includes firing in the daytime and at night.

The Armed Forces’ Barys will be equipped with a 30mm automatic cannon 2A42 and a 7.62mm machine gun manufactured by the Kazakh company for the production of electro-optical products (ASELS) in co-ordination with the Turkish company Aselsan.

The new armored vehicle, including its advanced technological solutions, was announced by Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering, a joint venture with South Africa’s "Paramount Group."

Barys is fitted with a high-technology, multipurpose ballistic protection, including mine-protection. It is the local version of the Mbombe APC developed by Paramount.

The Barys 8x8 vehicles were first unveiled during the 4th Kadex International Exhibition of military-technical equipment, which took place in 2016 in Astana.


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