Modernized Lynx for the Flotille 34F
(Source: French Navy, issued March 05, 2018)
(Issued in French; unofficial translation by
A modernized Lynx belonging to Flotille 34F naval air squadron of the French Navy during a test flight after its aviation upgrade. The large white antenna added during the upgrade is visible on the port fuselage. (FR navy photo)
The Lynx upgrade program, initiated in 2011, was conducted between the various players in the military aeronautics industry: the Aeronautical Industrial Service, the Directorate-General of Armaments and the French Navy. It consists, in particular, of the modernization of the avionics and tactical components of the aircraft for anti-ship and surface warfare.

An aviation upgrade

Made necessary by the evolution of air traffic regulations decided by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), this upgrade includes changing the transponder, a radio to allow aviation VHF communications and the integration of a mapping GPS system.

For the moment limited to the aeronautical part, the operational commissioning of this modified Lynx was pronounced last July. Externally, the renovated Lynx is little different from its predecessor.

In the game of 7 differences, one can mainly note the appearance of a large white HF antenna along the left flank of the aircraft. This upgrade aims to extend the life of the Lynx until 2022, maintaining both a fluid integration in the civil air traffic, but also a high level of tactical performance.


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