F-35 Aircraft of the 32nd Stormo Enters Service with the National Air Defense System
(Source: Italian air force; issued March 05, 2018)
(Issued in Italian; unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
An F-35 belonging to the Italian air force’s 32nd Stormo (squadron) being prepared to scramble during an exercise at Amendola air base, in southern Italy. (Italian MoD photo)
The operations of the new 5th generation weapon system supplied to the AM has begun at Amendola air base. From March 1, 2018, the Joint Strike Fighter assets of the 32nd Wing at Amendola (FG) were formally integrated into the National Air Defense System as a fully operational component of the Air Space Surveillance Service (S.S.S.A.), a fundamental institutional mission of the Aeronautica Militare.

The achievement of this important milestone is part of the broader development of the many operational capabilities of the F-35 weapon system. The validation of this capacity was obtained through an intense and complex training of the crews and technical staff, and follows numerous tests carried out with positive results, in full synergy and coordination with the other services in charge of the Air Defense.

This testifies to the wide operational versatility of the weapon system, designed to perform many types of air operations, with the unique characteristic of being able to receive and redistribute an extraordinary flow of data essential to achieve information superiority, a nodal element of the complex aerial operations.

Thanks to the implementation of this operational capability, the F-35 multi-role aircraft system will make a valuable contribution to ensuring the defense of national airspace against possible threats against the country and its citizens.

The 32nd Stormo, the first unit in Europe to acquire the JSF aircraft, also carries out operational, training and technical activities of Predator remotely-piloted aircraft in order to acquire and maintain the ability to perform national and coalition ISTAR operations. Furthermore, it provides and completes the training of the APR pilots through the MB-339 aircraft in order to ensure an adequate level of training on traditional piloted aircraft.


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