Atlas A400M Replaces Hercules at Falklands' Mount Pleasant Complex
(Source: Merco Press; posted April 4, 2018)
The Atlas A400M arrived in the Falkland Islands last week. Having completed the 20-hour journey from the UK, A400M touched down at Mount Pleasant Complex on Tuesday afternoon, a week ago.

Replacing the long serving Hercules aircraft, A400M will take over as BFSAI's tactical airlift capability delivering maritime reconnaissance, search and rescue and humanitarian assistance.

A spokesperson from MPC said: “The C130 has been a valuable asset to the Falklands, as demonstrated by her recent humanitarian role in the multi-national search effort for the missing Argentine submarine ARA San Juan in 2017”.

The new Atlas A400M will continue to give BFSAI a Search and Rescue and humanitarian capability.

The Airbus A400M is considered the most advanced, proven and certified airlifter available, combining 21st century state-of-the-art technologies to fulfill the current and upcoming Armed Forces’ needs.

The A400M combines the capability to carry strategic loads with the ability to deliver even into tactical locations with small and unprepared airstrips. And, in addition, it acts as a frontline-tanker for other aircraft. An aircraft which can do the work of three, according to the Airbus site.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Given the long distance between the Falklands and the UK, the deployment and basing of an A400M at Mount Pleasant demonstrates the Royal Air Force’s high degree of confidence in the aircraft.)


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