Senegalese Airspace Secured by Thales
(Source: Thales; issued April 24, 2018)
Senegal's armed forces are relying on Thales's air defence and surveillance expertise with the procurement of Ground Master 400 long-range radars and a SkyView command and control centre to ensure airspace surveillance and security.

Governments have a mandate to exercise national sovereignty and protect their countries' airspace from 21st century threats. The Senegalese armed forces are to deploy a state-of-the-art airspace surveillance and control capability to address these critical priorities in today's complex threat environment.

Ground Master 400 is a fully solid-state three-dimensional surveillance radar that incorporates all the latest advances in radar technology. Senegal's Ground Master 400 systems will be connected to the SkyView command and control centre at the Ouakam air base in Dakar. This fully automated system is flexible, scalable and includes an intuitive user interface, enabling operators to establish the air situation autonomously and report to the national authorities in real time to contribute to national security.

This first cooperative project between the Senegalese armed forces and Thales marks the beginning of a promising long-term partnership in the air surveillance field.

“Thales's advanced technologies help customers make the right decisions in real time. With the all-digital Ground Master 400 long-range radars and the SkyView command and control centre, the Senegalese armed forces will have a state-of-the-art detection, surveillance and control capability, improving airspace security and helping to keep Senegal's citizens safer,” says Thomas Got, Thales VP for air operations and weapon systems, activities.

Ground Master is a family of multi-mission air defence radars designed to detect all types of air threats. Its architecture is based on common building blocks and interfaces, and all its components incorporate the latest technology and innovations. Since 2008, over 130 radars from the Ground Master family have been sold and equip more than 10 countries worldwide.

SkyView command and control centres are designed for airspace security, protection of key assets and forces deployed in remote theatres of operations, and air policing operations. They leverage 50 years of experience in air command and control systems and equip more than 26 countries worldwide.


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