Northrop Grumman Declines to Bid on GPS 3 Contract (excerpt)
(Source: Space News; posted April 25, 2018)
By Jeff Foust
WASHINGTON — Northrop Grumman executives said April 25 that the company declined to submit a proposal for the next set of GPS 3 satellites, all but guaranteeing that Lockheed Martin will win the competition.

In an earnings call with analysts, Kathy Warden, president and chief operating officer of Northrop Grumman, said the decision not to bid on a contract for up to 22 GPS satellites, as well as a separate no-bid decision for components for the F-35 program, was the outcome of a “very disciplined” company process to select those programs that offer the most benefit to the company.

“We determined that they were not attractive to us,” she said. “We believe that applying strict assessment criteria in selecting our business pursuits is critical to long-term sustained performance.” (end of excerpt)

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