J-20 Will Definitely be Patrolled Over Taiwan Says Expert
(Source: People's Daily Online; issued May 17, 2018)
China’s fighter jet J-20, a warcraft acting as both “spear” and “commander” in battle, will definitely conduct patrols over the island of Taiwan, said military expert Wang Mingliang during an interview with China Central Television.

The China-developed stealth jets have recently begun their first-ever combat training over the ocean, confirmed Shen Jinke, spokesman for the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force on May 9.

The training will help the air force better fulfill its sacred duty of safeguarding China's sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, the spokesperson said.

According to Wang, combats over sea areas are a focus of China’s military deployment, and moving the training field of the J-20 from land to ocean will help the jets adjust to battle in sea areas.

Only by withstanding the tests of the maritime environment can China's newest type of warcraft develop high combat capability, Wang noted.

He said that the training marked an important step for the J-20's comprehensive combat capabilities, further enhancing such capabilities after conducting adaptive training in the future.


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