F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Fast Facts: Australian F-35A Project
(Source: Australian Department of Defence; issued May 24, 2018)
-- The Australian Government has approved the acquisition of 72 F-35A aircraft along with associated weapons, spares, support equipment, and infrastructure.

-- The United States Joint Program Office contracts with Industry for elements of the F-35 capability on Australia’s behalf. To date, Lockheed Martin has delivered six Australian F-35A aircraft and is under contract to deliver a further four aircraft in 2018.

-- Australia’s first two Lot 6 F-35A aircraft were delivered to the international F-35A Pilot Training Centre at Luke Air Force Base (AFB) in Arizona in December 2014 for pilot and maintainer training.

-- Australia has contracted for eight aircraft in Lot 10 for delivery in 2018, of which four have already been delivered. Six Lot 10 aircraft will initially operate at the F-35A Pilot Training Centre at Luke AFB. The remaining two aircraft are planned to be the first aircraft to be permanently based in Australia, arriving in December 2018.

-- Initial contracts are in place for eight Lot 10 aircraft and fifteen Lot 12 aircraft. Final contracts for these aircraft are anticipated to be signed in mid-2018 and early 2019 respectively.

-- The Australian F-35A Project remains on schedule to meet the December 2020 Initial Operating Capability requirement.

-- Australia has six pilots qualified and instructing on the F-35A at Luke AFB and 27 Australian maintainers have completed F-35A training.

-- Australian F-35A aircraft have flown a combined total of more than 1,400 hours.

-- The F-35A acquisition costs continue to reduce, with the expected average unit cost of an Australian F-35A aircraft delivered off the production line expected to be approximately AU$115.7 million1 (US$90 million).

-- Over 50 Australian companies have directly shared in more than AU$1 billion1 in production contracts to date; with hundreds more Australian companies indirectly benefiting through supply chain work.


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