Turkey, Italian-French Consortium Advance Talks On Air-Defense Systems (excerpt)
(Source: Hurriyet Daily News; posted June 04, 2018)
By Sevil Erkuş
ANKARA --- Cooperation between European manufacturer of anti-air missiles Eurosam and Turkish defense organizations will provide technology transfer to Turkey and bring the opportunity of export to third party markets, Ambassador of Italy to Ankara Luigi Mattiolo told Hürriyet Daily News, as the two sides advance talks on the Turkish procurement of the SAMP-T missile system.

“One area Turkey and Italy want to develop economic relations is the defense industry, which is a field that needs trust on the ground in order to cooperate. The added value is huge. The common partnership in NATO should be the main trigger for this kind of cooperation,” Mattiolo said in an interview with the Hürriyet Daily News over the weekend.

The deployment of the Italian air defense system in Kahramanmaraş as part of a NATO mission to augment Turkey’s anti-ballistic defense against potential threats from Syria demonstrates this perspective, he said.

“We are engaged with our French partners in a consortium with Eurosam, which has begun the study of a possible new generation of anti-missile defense systems with Turkish companies, which would obviously be by definition fully NATO interoperable,” the ambassador said.

Ankara had made an initial deal with the French-Italian consortium on July 14, 2017 to develop Turkey’s national defense systems and had signed an agreement early 2018 for an 18-month long study to determine the needs and priorities for the potential joint production of an anti-ballistic missile system. The proposed system will be a more developed version of the Eurosam’s current SAMP-T air defense systems.

Two sides met in Ankara for the systems

A written statement issued by Turkey’s Undersecreteriat for Defense Industries on June 3 informed that the talks between the two sides continued with the participation of high-level officials from the two sides on May 30 in Ankara. The works are planned to be finalized at the end of 2019, it said. (end of excerpt)

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