Eight Activists Arrested After Infiltrating Kleine-Brogel Military Base
(Source: Belga news service; published in LeVif.be on June 10, 2018)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
BRUSSELS --- Eight Belgian activists in the "Nuke free zone" campaign were arrested on Sunday morning after infiltrating the Kleine-Brogel military air base and exfiltrating US warheads "illegally stored there for more than 60 years," the NGO “Agir pour la paix” (Act for Peace) announced on Sunday.

The warheads, received by other activists, will be brought back to Brussels to be handed over to the heads of state at the NATO summit on July 11-12.

The activist group calls the action "a great success in the effort towards nuclear disarmament," a spokesman said, and sends a "clear message to the federal government: it is necessary to establish without delay a roadmap for the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Belgian territory and sign the UN Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons."

"With the establishment of the treaty to ban nuclear weapons, including through the citizen movement ICAN (Nobel Peace Prize 2017; Ed), there is finally an international opportunity to ban these nuclear weapons and the dangers they weigh on humanity,” said the Act for Peace spokesman.

The group has also denounced the forthcoming NATO summit saying that "29 heads of state will make major political decisions outside any democratic body, when these same decisions threaten the security of the entire planet."

It's time to say "no to nuclear waste" which costs "billions" and contributes "to the global arms race," the NGO said.

The activist group has already announced demonstrations and peace movements on July 11-12 to organize a counter-summit. "It's time for NATO to disappear," it says.

Among the eight activists arrested on Sunday is Brussels MEP Ecolo Zoé Genot. All were freed by police on Sunday, Agir pour la Paix said in a statement on its Twitter account.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Agir pour la Paix could not be reached on Monday morning for additional information on the type of warheads that were “exfiltrated.” Kleine Brogel air base is where the Belgian Air Force stores the U.S.-supplied B-61 nuclear free-fall bombs that Belgium is assigned to use by NATO.)


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