France's Defense Partnerships and the Dilemmas of Brexit
(Source: George Marshall Fund US; issued May 30, 2018)
By Alice Pannier
Opportunities — together with greater responsibilities — will come with France’s unique position in Europe’s defense and security following “Brexit.”

As the EU’s sole nuclear power and [permanent] member of the UN Security Council, and with its strong bilateral ties with London, Washington, and Berlin, France currently enjoys a central position in the European security architecture.

Even ahead of Brexit, France has been awarded the position of leader and diplomatic bridge-builder, a role that President Macron has fully seized. His visit to President Trump’s White House in April 2018 was a case in point.

However, this position raises a number of dilemmas for France in engaging in defense cooperation in the Euroatlantic area, and it will not be simple to define a consistent strategy.

This policy brief examines the expected effects of Brexit on military partnerships and capability development, and assesses the prospects for an effective French synthesis and leadership in this context.

Click here for the full report (7 PDF pages) on the GMFUS website.


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