U.S. Cyber Operations Technology Development Effort Goes Black
(Source: Forecast International; issued June 28, 2018)
NEWTOWN, Conn. --- Cyber space, cyber warfare, and cyber security are all the buzzwords these days, and rightly so. While the interconnectivity of information networks (think Internet) make things can make life easier and more pleasant, it also makes things such as securing information much more risky.

From FY17 onward the program goes completely blank despite having no completion date and readily available information from 2016 indicated the program was to continue for many more years. Based upon experience with such efforts, as well as all the hype being given to the cyber environment, the program likely went "black" during the latest restructuring.

As more and more network breaches occur and data thievery theft is discovered, expect an ever- increasing amount of funding to be pumped into cyber space - specifically cyber security - across a wide spectrum of Defense Department efforts.


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