Delayed Hangar Prolongs Danish F-16 Service, But Fighters Are Not As Worn Down As Expected, Says Defence Ministry (excerpt)
(Source: The Copenhagen Post; posted June 29, 2018)
Delays to the hangars that will shelter the Danish Air Force’s new F-35 fighter jets means that the Defence will have to make do with the old F-16 fighters a little longer than expected.

In a note to Parliament, the defence minister, Claus Hjort Frederiksen, wrote that the F-16s will have to remain in service six months longer than scheduled.

The delay is down to the decision earlier this year to move the F-35 complex to the southwestern part of Flyvestation Skrydstrup airbase to reduce the sound pollution as much as possible.

Oldies but goodies

The good news is that extending the service for the F-16s shouldn’t be a problem because they have worn down less than expected over the past two years.

The F-16s are due to be phased out by 2024, when the Defence has enough F-35s to fulfill the duties currently handled by the F-16s.

The F-35s are due to be delivered between the end of 2022 and April 2023, while the F-16s will remain in service until the first half of 2025, instead of the end of 2024, as was originally predicted. (end of excerpt)

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