ERA Participated in An International Baltic CESMO Trial, Part of Unified Vision 2018
(Source: ERA a.s.; issued June 29, 2018)
The VERA-NG is a passive surveillance system designed to provide the most advanced data for the detection, location, identification and tracking of air, ground and naval targets. (ERA photo)
ERA company has been involved in an international Baltic CESMO Trial 2018 (BCT18) at PUTLOS military training area on North of Germany from 14th to 28th June. ERA supported 53rd EW & RECCE regiment during training campaign with deployed VERA-NG system. BCT18 became a part of bigger international trial Unified Vision (UV18) 2018.

The goal of the trial was to test new procedures of electronic warfare information collection, exchange, fusion and evaluation according to AEDP13 and STANAG 4658 CESMO. EW product was distributed to EWCC and shared between other NATO nations in form of C-EOB formats and Link 16. Tasking of the unit was provided from SEWOC in Ramstein.

VERA-NG was in between other assets integrated to CESMO/EWCC contributing to Common Operational Picture. Capt. Petr Kos stated: “Cooperation between ERA company and Czech Army was effective. We are really contended that soldiers could try to operate new VERA-NG system in the CESMO.” An immediate and direct feedback from soldiers is key for company further developments.

The cooperation between Czech and German units regarding CESMO testing and evolution is already turning into long tradition and successful story. “We highly appreciate contribution provided by Czech Army and ERA deploying recent VERA-NG system for trials.

VERA-NG successfully proved its capability to be integrated into CESMO network. Also, an international aspect of the trial help NATO community to train procedures and reach higher level of interoperability,” said Trial manager Lt. Col. Marco Moehling.

VERA-NG is a unique and proven world leading Passive ESM (Electronic Support Measure) Tracker.

Air defence and passive surveillance are critical elements in today's military and security operations. Vera-NG addresses this by providing the most advanced and state-of-the-art Passive Surveillance System designed for detection, location, identification and tracking of air, ground and naval targets.

Vera-NG uses advanced techniques to conduct cross-border long-term and long-range surveillance without alerting neighbouring nations. It effectively "sees without being seen".


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