Decision on F-16 Fighter Jet Replacement Likely In Next Few Months: Ng Eng Hen (excerpt)
(Source: Straits Times; published June 30, 2018)
By Kor Kian Beng
SINGAPORE --- Singapore will decide "likely in the next few months" on a new fighter jet type to take over the baton from its ageing fleet of F-16s, with the replacement exercise projected to start from 2030, said Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen.

Speaking to the media ahead of the SAF Day on Sunday (July 1), he said the F-16 replacement is part of a long-term effort in equipping a next-generation Singapore Armed Forces to sharpen its lethal edge while coping with manpower and land constraints.

There is a need to replace the fighter jets, which are now 30 years old, as they are set to become obsolete globally beyond 2030, said Dr Ng.

He added that a decision has to be made soon as the replacement of fighter jets requires a lead time of eight to 10 years for preparations in areas such as aircraft maintenance and the training of pilots for the new platform.

"So, we have thought long and hard about it, taken our time to choose a replacement and we'll be making a definitive decision likely in the next few months," added Dr Ng. (end of excerpt)

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