Initial Shipment of Su-30SM Fighters Generation 4+ Entered to Form Air Squadron in Kursk Region, Western Military District
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued July 02, 2018)
Fighter pilots of the aviation regiment of the Western Military District in Kursk region completed the flight with the Initial shipment of multi-purpose fighters of the Su-30CM generation 4+ to the permanent-based airfield.

About 5000 km have crossed the crew, rising to the skies from the airfield of the Irkutsk aviation plant. The flight to the area of permanent residence took about 5 hours. Intermediate stop was performed in the Perm region due to bad weather.

Last year, the first aviation squadron was formed, which was supplied with 12 new Su-30SM fighters. The second air squadron is equipped with MiG-29SMT fighters, which will be replaced by a new generation of fighters.

The aircraft fleet of the military unit will be fully re-equipped before the end of this year.


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