Multi-Mission Helicopter Carrier Atlântico is Commissioned into Brazilian Navy
(Source: Brazil Ministry of Defence; issued July 05, 2018)
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The Brazilian Navy commissioned its latest warship – and first amphibious warfare vessel – on July 5 at Davenport, in Britain, after acquiring it from the Royal Navy. (Brazilian Navy photo)
BRASILIA --- At the Royal Naval Base in Devonport, Plymouth, UK, on June 29, a traditional naval ceremony was held indicating the beginning of the commissioning of the Multipurpose Helicopter Carrier “Atlantico” into the Brazilian Navy.

The event was chaired by the Brazilian Navy Chief of Staff, Fleet Admiral Ilques Barbosa Junior, and was attended by the Brazilian ambassador to the United Kingdom, Eduardo dos Santos, and the commander of the Royal Navy Station, Vice Admiral Ben Key.

The ship will add important amphibious capabilities and naval operations with embarked helicopters to the Brazilian Navy, allowing it to maintain the safety of the South Atlantic and the defense of the country's maritime interests anywhere on the planet.

At the same time, the command of the ship was also assumed by Capt. Giovani Corrêa, and together with Patrícia Monteiro da Costa, godmother of the ship, conducted the first ceremonial raising of the Brazilian flag.

"To the commander, officers and ratings of the PHM Atlantico: I wish you all the best, and my best wishes for your mission. You will have the honor of leading the creation, consolidation and will be master plan for the preservation of the seafaring soul of this ship. Take pride in this valuable heritage, entrusted to them by our Country," Admiral Ilques said in his Order of the Day.

PHM Atlantico

The arrival of the PHM Atlantico in Brazil is scheduled for the end of August, close to the anniversary of the country’s Naval Aviation. With the Royal Navy, the ship conducted naval operations in support of humanitarian actions in 2017 in the Caribbean islands affected by Hurricane Irma.

The Atlantico name refers to the saga of the great navigations, which provided, among other notable achievements of the School of Sagres, the discovery of Brazil.

The ship is designed to operate with up to seven aircraft on deck and 12 more in its hangar, and can transport 500 to 800 Marines and land them by heli-transport or by sea, thanks to its four landing craft, from a distance of up to 200 miles from the coast (about 321 km). It also has several planning rooms for the use of Staff.

It is equipped with a Combat System that integrates the Command and Control System LPH CMS, four 30mm DS30M Mk2 guns, two Radars 1007, one Radar 1008 and the latest Radar Artisan 3D 997, with high detection and monitoring capabilities.

In the next three weeks, the ship will undergo an intensive training program in the port and at sea with the recognized and rigorous Instruction Center of the United Kingdom Navy Flag Officer Sea Training.

Thus, it will be ready to uphold Brazil’s national security and development.


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